TV as we know it... And Music for that matter.

Will die.

It might take 10 or 20 years but it will happen. We won't have channels and TV commercials and radio and your big expensive Comcast bill will be replaced with Netflix (plus your other favorite streaming services.)

You might see regular cable TV in hotel rooms or something, but that's it.

You think I'm crazy?

Do you still have a land line? Do you use it a lot?

We have been seeing this change slowly but surely. The mass media is dying and it's all about the niche.

-The Youtube star that produces a daily vlog, getting more views than any ABC show would ever dream.
-A business guy giving advice to millions of people on Facebook and Instagram.
-A band creating their own fanbase without the help of labels or publishers, purely through internet word of mouth.

If you still think it's not possible, that you need a huge label to break you, you my friend have not woken up to the NEW REALITY.

Even as I am telling you, and as you are nodding your head in agreement, somehow most of you are still holding off for your savior in a suit.

There is literally no better time to be an artist than right now! You have complete control and the gatekeepers are not in power like they once were. It truly is about talent now.

Don't be cable TV, or land lines, or Blockbuster...

Look forward. Go. Make 100 true fans.