The Cake Baker.

You started the bakery because you loved baking but all you ever do now is run the baking business.

There is a difference between a freelancer and entrepreneur and if you are not clear about what you want, this can become a nightmare.

If your goal is to always bake cakes, don't do entrepreneur kinds of things. Instead, make the world's best cake and be known for it. Be expensive. Be exclusive. The customer is buying YOU.

And if you want to be an entrepreneur, even though baking is your product, you can't do it forever. Systematize it. Scale it. And work yourself out of a job. That's the ultimate goal of an entrepreneur.


One thing that matters a lot is timing.

If I would have moved to Nashville 20 years ago instead of 10, my life would look VERY different. I would have probably been on the road with a country artist. I would have probably gotten good at playing sessions, and I would have probably been stuck in my way too much to start Soundstripe.

And If I would have moved to Nashville 30 years ago...or 10 years in the future?

Timing is incredibly important.

And you are most likely terrible at seeing the timing in the present. It's something that you usually have to reflect on.

But it's healthy to understand that what you want when you first start a project or career is not always the best timing.

I moved to Nashville to pursue being a session musician. I was completely convinced. But what I didn't understand at the time, was that the session world was declining in a real way. And it would have been my career's demise if I would have not been flexible with my dream.

So a conscious flexibility mixed with a staunch determination is often the secret sauce.

Because timing has a LOT to do with it.