SPEED IS EVERYTHING. Release music faster.


It's just not like it used to be. The winners in today's market understand that not only quality matters but QUANTITY is hugely important. We are in an all-access binge watching world. TV shows release the whole seasons at once and the best selling artists constantly produce new content for their loyal listeners to dive into. Attention is everything and releasing music constantly keeps your name fresh on the mind.

Yesterday I read Bob Lefsetz letter on Drake and thought it was so interesting. (Go back and read) This is a guy that pops out at least 25 songs a year...song after song...some of them are hits and some of them not. But that doesn't matter. Hit or not, another song is coming out in a few weeks anyway. And that's what matters.

That is what true artists do...create! They don't worry about what the analysts and A&R's think. If it's not a smash who cares!? If you are truly good, you will get another shot. Instead of waiting on the hoopla and grand release, just throw it out there! Experiment!
Look, I can't stand Drake and his music. But that's not the point! He is killing it because of his consistency in producing music quickly and yet most bands I talk to are waiting 3 months out for their studio time at Black Bird. If you work all day on a snare sound, you are too slow for 2017!

This is where marketing and business and everything is going. People want to follow your journey... the good, the bad, and the ugly. They want alllllll of you.

Record a song today and release it tomorrow!