Music Publishing today is completely BROKEN.

Think about it. In what other industry would you make a product, not know who it's sold to exactly, not have feedback from the consumers to make it better, and then get an anonymous check 6 months later?!

The music business has been built on secrets. "Sign this huge contract, don't ask too many questions because we're confused too, and we will give you a check once in a while."

The amount of money pub companies and PRO's are leaving on the table is absolutely bonkers. Online royalty channels (Youtube, Facebook, snapchat, and thousands more), are sometimes not even touched, mostly because music and technology have been enemies for so long. But it's time to embrace technology.

I work in the music licensing world. I have witnessed music supervisors (people in charge of the music for film/tv) have to pass on songs ONLY because the pub companies won't return their calls and take 2 weeks to respond. Those poor artists and writers!

I know I'm ranting this morning but I come to you with an earnest heart. I feel really bad for the talented writers and artists that are putting their art and livelihood in the hands of these fluffy pub deals.

And publishing companies and PRO's. Just like any business, you HAVE to improve or you will die. You HAVE to partner with technology. And it's time you start being transparent with the writers and with yourselves.

We are leaving BILLIONS of dollars on the table because the system is broken. We can do better!