Fake News

Not everything you read on Facebook is true. 
Of course we could have said that about the grocery store tabloids too.

We are living in a crazy new world where the mainstream media organizations are REALLY suffering. Their businesses are dying, literally. The medium Fox News age demo is over 65.

When I see my older friends on facebook sharing these ridiculous articles, I wonder how we got here. How now somebody is more apt to trust a random blog article from a source they have never heard of MORE than CNN or FOX or CNBC.

And to sidetrack back to music, talk about lack of mainstream trust, why are we still trying to release whole records, trying to get big press on the mainstream and big banners on iTunes? (*Cough Frank Ocean's record that got so much news yet it totally bombed.)

Trump won by Tweeting. By going to nowheresville Nebraska and winning the hearts of the people, bypassing whatever the mainstream thought of him.

All that to say, I understand your frustration with so called 'credible news'. But hear me out, don't be so quick to trust FB spam articles either.

Because either way, somebody is making a cent every time you click on it.