Record Releases & Launching Your Project.

"It's so easy to be paralyzed by the pursuit of perfect, that you end up not being good." - Seth Godin

So many of us are obsessed with the big launch. Day 1 of the app release, 1st day of business, big launching press releases, record release parties, etc. And we like to hype up what we were doing so that we can hopefully snatch up every fan we can. We are thinking everybody that's going to show up, will show up on day 1.

(I've been guilty of this)

But what I'm realizing is this. Launching in a big spectacular way is SOOOOO overrated!!

-You didn't start buying Nike shoes until it had been around for 30 years. 
-You didn't start going to Starbucks until it had been on your corner for 5 years. 
-You were reluctant to switch from Windows to Apple computers for a long time before you finally made the leap. 
-I didn't become a James Taylor fan until he was in his 60's, after he had toured for 40 years.

Hear me out. You don't need to spend a lot of money on that release party. You don't need a big book signing. You don't need to waste money on a big expensive press release.

Instead, you need to deliver value to a few people that really care and willing to give you money. Your true fans.

When Soundstripe launched in Feb, we just turned the website on and told our FB friends. It was super simple with no frills and very little music. I'm sure some people thought it wasn't good. It was NOT perfect! That first month I think we had 5 or 10 signups. The 2nd month, maybe 10 or 20. Now, 1400. 2 years from now, it looks promising.

Just launch your thing! Press the go button. It's ok if it's not perfect!

Trust me, the real work starts AFTER you launch.