Frontier Airlines is in trouble.

Frontier Airlines is in trouble.

"Give 51% of the relationship." Gary Vaynerchuck (entrepreneur/marketing influencer)

What that means is that to really provide value and to build a sustaining brand, it is better to give more than you receive, even if it's only 1%. Be generous and people will in turn be loyal to you. Take care of people.

Frontier's strategy is sly.

Really cheap flights when you first purchase.

Then you will pay $30 per checked bag. 
$40 per carry on bag. 
$9-$20 for seat assignments. 
$4 water and $5 dollar snacks. 
The worst seats in the world with 0 leg room. 
And on and on. Things I didn't know about till i got to the ticket counter!

The worst part was when the flight attendant woke everybody up on the intercom not once, twice, three, but FOUR times to tell us about a credit card promotion! It's consumer rape! We can't get away!

They end up getting you in the end. And I feel cheated. Duked. Gotten.

I even heard a flight attendant talking to a flyer saying. "yeah, the seats aren't that great, but for the price of the flight, it is what it is."

But by the end of paying for all the extras that you weren't expecting, you could have booked on Southwest or another carrier and at least got a more comfortable seat out of the deal, not to mention a smile.

You can not win the low price game on just price alone. We are in the reputation economy and everybody with a phone now has a voice and an opinion. It's all about your reputation. Be generous and honest and you will have a huge leg up in the future.

I think I'll fly Southwest next time.