Standing out

Everybody is an artist. Everybody can sing and play the guitar, probably better than you can. Everybody has a band. Everybody has a business startup. Especially in Nashville!

So what is your plan to stick out above the pack?

If your answer is to be a little bit better than everybody else, I'm afraid that won't be good enough. See, as soon as you become better, someone will soon beat you out and become a little bit better than you. It is human nature to compete for the best position. So if everybody is hunting for that one position, don't you think there's a better and more effective way to stand out?

I have two theories on this.

1. Generosity: Give more than you take. Provide more value to your fans/users than they are paying. Be there for them. Show up every day and be tiringly consistent. I find most people are not willing to be as patient and persistent at times and you can take that human flaw and use it as your edge.

2. Authenticity: There is a HUGE problem these days with self-awareness. KNOW who you are and who you aren't! 
I realized 5 years ago a couple things. 1. I was a terrible live performer. I wasn't willing to dress up and dance like a monkey. 2. I would NOT win the race in the songwriting and pop production world in Nashville. I was terrible at lyrics and it was too late for me to learn. There were people way ahead of me and it would have been a huge waste of my time and talents. My studio partner and I decided to go FULL in on instrumental music for TV, something we were both really good at. Neither one of us could sing, I played strings, I could orchestrate, he could engineer, and we had a talent for business. It just made sense. Even though it wasn't the most glamorous and praised music position in Nashville, it was authentically us. 
Just because you want something, doesn't mean you have the talent and skill for it. Know thy self and run into your strengths. Forget your weaknesses.

You will be happier and you will find an audience that needs the talent and skill that you have!