Go for a unique niche OR go for a hit. Those are your options now. The WORST place you can be is in the murky middle...a kinda Christian, kinda rock band with sub-par, B-level songs won't last long. I'm talking about the songs that won't make it to radio, to Spotify playlists, and have no real use in niche markets.

1. The Niches- Film scoring, music licensing, stock music, game music, jam band, marching band, producers, good indie bands. And the list goes on. 
I'm very excited about this market. Tons of opportunity to make a good living, me being one of them. Think different. Build a tribe of followers and keep them engaged for a long period of time. You don't need the system. You create your own.

2. The Hit- Forget about long albums. I'm the first to dislike this because I like listening to records but I am the minority. If you are a band that wants a hit, make hits. Don't even make an EP if every song isn't a hit. Release songs often, and build lots of attention around these songs. Write 50 songs to get 1 hit. It's the numbers game. Don't listen to old industry crooners for they are mostly out of touch. Get the kids to listen to you so much they annoy everybody. That's your only job. If they aren't listening, you don't have a hit. Go back to the writing table and try again.
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