Making Calculated Bets.

When you start something new, everything is a risk. You don't know 100% if it's going to work. So you must weigh every option, look at the facts, pros and cons, and then jump (calculated) into the unknown.

Some people think becoming an entrepreneur is about dropping everything and taking major bets at the drop of a hat. But the most successful ones are wayyyyy more calculated in their bets then you may think! (I still have a part-time job, even after years of working on my dream)

If you have never performed as a solo artist and built up a small regional following, Nashville will be too big of a step for a budding artist.

Don't say you have a billion dollar idea. You probably don't. Execute something smaller and work yourself up.

Changing the world starts with changing a community.

Play chess. Not checkers. 
See the end and work strategically to get there. 
You will eventually!