Shiny Object Syndrome

In WWII, why did we take Omaha Beach first, and then take another beach, and another one at a time? Because of focus. 
If we would have spread our forces out, thinning them every which way, we might would have lost the war and the world would look a lot differently.

It's so easy to see that and say "Of Course!" "That makes total sense." But it's so much harder to apply that to our lives.

Everybody, especially musicians, artists, creatives, and business people want to do everything, always.

How many musicians do you know that do studio work, live gigs, lessons, composing, producing, songwriting, and road managing and claim to do all of them superbly!?

Before you get defensive, I was one of those people, I'll openly admit. I did everything just to survive. And sometimes you have to. But when I figured out how to focus my efforts and take the beach I knew I could take, my life benefited greatly. I became less stressed, more confident in my abilities and talents, and saying NO got so much easier.

Don't let new shiny objects lure you away from the thing you do really well. Don't let the possibilities distract you.

The world needs you to take your beach and win at the thing only you can do.