Doing it.

"It doesn't get done until you begin doing it." -Elizabeth Gilbert

I think creatives secretly dream of a manager, agent, assistant, record label, and book publisher knocking on our door to take all our worries away. Taking all the jumbled up mess and straightening the box of wires. And not just any manager I might add. A manager with a giant cigar, and probably a nice suit, wheeling around tons of confidence, assuring us that everything will just GET DONE and all we have to do is be the creative geniuses that we are! I can imagine it! Can't you!?

We also secretly know that NONE of this is true. Of course, things only happen when we do them.

There's something so empowering about taking responsibility for your own creative destiny. When you begin to take control and begin to DO things, you can then take all the satisfaction in knowing what YOU made and created. And that is so rewarding.