Life is attracted to life.

Like fish in a flowing river versus a stale pond, we humans are drawn to where we see the most life. Girls are attracted to hard working guys. On the same token, we separate ourselves from people and things that are stagnant. We crave energy.

That's why people can start movements, companies, ideas, bands, and art projects and gain a following. People become attracted to the movement and they naturally follow the life.

I believe a person can manufacture this energy. I believe people aren't either lazy OR hard working but choosing the pursuit of one or the other, probably even subconsciously. Naturally, laziness breeds more lazy and energy breeds more life.

Because it is more rare than common, people will follow you if you get up every morning and pursue something challenging. The energy that you manufacture at first will eventually turn into natural energy that gains momentum over time.

Come on guys. Let's move!