Talent is now the star.

Talent is the true separator now. Not money. Everybody now has recording gear, instruments, cameras, and the tools to make something that will be on the radio, seen on Youtube, TV, etc. Distribution has become so cheap it's almost free, and followings are now built online with no money. The barrier to entry has become super low and now everybody has a chance to sit at the table.

Talent is the key factor now. The real variable in success. Even though I do believe in Malcom Gladwell's "10,000 hour rule", there are people that have practiced way over that and still have not broke through the barrier. And If you lack talent in a certain area, say marketing, management, or recording, you must have the talent to sell people on the dream.

Nashville home studios now have the same equipment you might have in your home studio in Texas. The difference? Talent.

This is not meant to be a buzz kill. It's meant to be two fold: 1. It's time to be brutally self aware with your talents. Don't listen to your mom. Go get a real answer and adjust what you're doing to intersect your greatest strengths. 2. If you are in your strength spot, you have as much of a shot as anybody now. Make the best art you can and put it out in the world. Learn how to market your project and sell the idea of what you are doing. There is no time like today.