DOJ war against songwriters

I’ll just say it. The government doesn’t care about songwriters. AT ALL!
With this new decision coming from the Dept. of Justice, it is clear where their loyalties lie. 
What is happening you ask? 
1. Songwriting royalties will not go up or change from what they used to be, dating back to World War II era. Meaning with digital streaming, songwriters are still getting hosed. 
2. DOJ reportedly says that ASCAP and BMI can no longer engage in “fractional” licensing of songs and must begin 100% licensing of songs. This is huge because it means that co-writing will become very limited as we won't be able to co-write with people belonging to other PRO's.

Since when is it healthy to completely rely on government programs and regulations to become successful?! 
The DOJ is a disgrace for doing this. The problem is, what can we do about it?
If you have the power and clout, you can try to fight the government. Good luck though. You have streaming companies to tend with as well.

Songwriters: Open your eyes! Your once empire will eventually become Blockbuster Video. You have to get out of your creative cocoon and reverse engineer what it means to be a songwriter in modern times. You individually have to propose new value propositions for what you do. Sadly most of you will be too late to the party.

Work the system. Make things without permission. Create your own thing that doesn’t include them. 
If you are relying on the government and the majors to fight your battle, the one that involves your rent and your livelihood, you will lose.

AKA: Work alone and own the intellectual property. They can’t touch you then.