Caring and Thank You.

What do you think about American Airlines? Other than frequent flyer points saved up, 80% of customers would not miss American if they went out of business tomorrow. That’s the cold hard truth.

Southwest Airlines on the other hand, would surely be missed.

That’s the power of caring. Printing on a billboard that you care is not enough these days. 
You have to actually care…and care through your actions.

Saying you care about your followers is not enough. Email them. Reply to them. Let them know they are special and you are thankful and honored that they spend their money and time with you.

All that to say, I’m so thankful for all of you that read these little blogs. I seriously love sitting down and dreaming up these little thoughts. Some are good and some are honestly horrible. ha :-) But my goal is to sit down and write regardless. Through my learning and writing, I hope you can learn something from me, and you can one day pay it forward to somebody you know.

So thank you!