The Future of Songwriters

SONGWRITERS: (This one is for you)

I worry about your future. The landscape is changing rapidly and songwriter's careers are morphing as we speak. For so long now, we have all been jealous of those who write the hits because you were at the top of the food chain. But the rules have changed. Now, you are no longer at the top, even though the song starts with you.

So what must we do?

Agencies like SESAC and BMI are fighting for you in Washington. But good luck. The lesson here is that tech and innovation RUN the game. The platform is ALWAYS bigger than the artist. Eventually they all come to Spotify. Heck, The Beatles, Neil Young, and Adele. And eventually Kenny, Garth, and Taylor will figure it out.

Writers are apart of a unique system. If you are a screenwriter for example, you have nothing unless you have a film company to make the project happen. You write the show, they take the risk and put legs to it. Same with songwriters. You need a system. If you are a loan wolf in an apartment, you better get out and meet some people. You need distribution. You need a star. You need somewhere for your songs to go.

I'm very interested in how songwriters are innovating in this new world. I'm interested in how you take lemons and make lemon-aid. Because as long as there are fans to hear music, and there will ALWAYS be music fans, there will always be a songwriter writing his/her soul away.

My encouragement to you is this: Keep writing. Innovate the business, just like the artists and labels have. Don't wait around for the government to fix things. You can make it happen!

Love you guys!