Bob Dylan and the CMAs

Bob Dylan won't talk to the Nobel Prize committee. 
Why? Because he's being Bob. He doesn't do it for the awards and glitz. He makes art because he has to make art. That's what makes him great. 

Country music is so out of touch. They show up all fancied up for the CMAs, it's all about the awards and the glory. It has nothing to do with the fans even though they might thank them. And their music is more horrible than ever. 

Don't get me wrong, country is huge. It has so much potential but they play the exclusive game. They think people are always going to buy CDs, that they are going to get discovered on the radio, but radio is following Spotify's lead on what to play. That and the label politics. 

I read today from Bob Lefsetz that Kenny Chesney is not going to Spotify. Such a mistake. Such a power play for nothing. Even with all the press and hoopla, we're all going to forget the record in 2 weeks anyway. Mark my words. 

Country music has always been about the people. About real, hard working families, about heartache and sorrow and joy. That's why I fell in love with it. The stars were real people that connected with fans and met them in the barns and festivals and dances. It was a family. Johnny Cash drove around in old cars from show to show because they had to. 
Now it's an exclusive party that just wants more money To pay for jet fuel. 

Country has to move forward. To progress with the times. To get on the only platform that matters. To give something instead of always insisting and taking. Whose gonna sign up for Amazon music to hear Garth? To connect, really connect with fans and followers. 
Or pop might just steal all of the fans away. They have already got a start.
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