Britney at Planet Hollywood.

I didn't necessarily want to go. My good friend gave me a ticket and I looked forward to making fun of the spectacle, that which is Britney Spears.

When I was younger, I made fun of the whole thing. I very much disliked her music and the crazy personality that she had become. She got famous young and that is not good on any person. I didn't respect the pop music thing, the fabrication, the lip syncing, the obvious fakeness.

The production was insane. The lights, set changes, lasers, dancers, costume changes, fog, and fireworks.

She came out and the show got me. Reeled me in like a fish. She didn't sing a dang word and I was so entertained.

You see, it's about the experience end of story. Most people are simple. They are predictable and can be manipulated by anybody or anything that is telling a good story. Just think about this election....

Every artist doing a show big or small, is entertaining by doing simple illusions. Very primal if you think about it. Your indie band is competing for attention, and your competition for money and attention is the circus I just saw in Vegas. If you do not offer an experience good enough, that is worth more than the price of a ticket and popcorn to the new Iron Man movie, you will sadly not make it.

Does that mean you need smoke and mirrors like Britney? Not at all. George Strait, Norah jones, and James Taylor barely do anything except sit there and sing. And that's worth every penny.

It's about being self-aware of your talents. Britney knows it's not about her singing. It's not even about her. It's about the show. 
Others recognize it's about the music. Others, it's the community. Others, it's the cause.

I was so happy when I left the show. I had an experience. My eyes saw and heard things I hadn't experienced before and that's what it's all about, pushing the stakes.

I still don't like Britney's music. But that's not really the point is it?