Risk and Reward.

Most people tend to think about risk and reward wrong. In fact, many people simply don't even think about it apart from business and gambling. But if properly put into context of your life, it can be the difference between small linear growth and exponential compounding growth.

If you are a 22 year old that is afraid to follow your passion because of the so called 'safe job' you have, you are not thinking about risk and reward correctly.

The younger you are, the more you can safely risk, and oppositely, as you get older, the more conservative your risk profile should become.

Think about it. If you make a calculated bet in your 20's and it fails, what are the odds that your whole life goes down the gutter? I'm guessing extremely low. 
Oppose that to a married 55 year old with 3 kids pursuing an acting career for the first time. Definitely more risk for him/her than the former.

So if you are in your 20's, what is the very worst that could happen? At worst, you spend 3 years making memorable experiences before you have to figure something else out?

So go for it. You won't have this prime risk % forever.