Contrarian= A person who opposes or rejects popular opinion.

If you look at every major industry shift, successful company and major artist, a lot of them were all contrarians.

They did their own thing. They were the opposite of what people thought was good. They went against the grain and won. And what I'm saying is that you should too.

Before AirBnB, could you have imagined going to a stranger's house and sleeping in one of their rooms!? Never. Now 100 million people have.

In a world of Frank Sinatras and Elvis Presleys, this awful singer named Bob Dylan shown through the crowd.

Cars, airplane travel, Uber, VCR's, Lady Gaga, streaming, and on an on. All thought to be crazy ideas that would never work. Until they did...

My question to you: Is your idea too safe?

Are you playing for 2nd or 3rd place? Not many remember 2000's boy bands past NSYNC and Backstreet boys.

Are you trying to oppose a contrarian idea? Beware. The Taxi industry that is rioting against Uber will not win this. And why should they!?

There is a fine line between contrarian and actually crazy. Ride this line. Live in it.

Sometimes you have to take big bets, throw your cards on the table, and see where it takes you.