Some Artists are so selfish and it will be the death of your career.

Share MY record. Share MY video. Like me. Follow me. Listen to me on Spotify.
I'm a born superstar and my problem is that I need the world to know. People need to listen to my music. ZZZ.


This generation of listeners do not respond to the top/down approach anymore. If you know anything about millennials (because most of you are), you know that we need a cause, a reason, a why, and a mission to get behind. We want to be apart and we do not want to stand on the side lines and merely do what you tell me to do for YOUR benefit.

Want to really do something crazy? Become a ring leader of a movement. Inspire your audience to do things not on YOUR behalf but for the cause. Create a tribe, a club, a belief system.

You don't go to a festival for the talent anymore. You go for the experience of the festival itself. Who's on WinterJam this year? Who cares.

Become a leader, not a star to be worshiped. Change your mindset and your marketing to not be all about you.

Do this and there will be NO limit to the good you can do in this world.

People need you to lead them!