The Business in Music Business

Why are you so upset that the music "BUSINESS" is about money?!

If this statement bothers you, you are not alone. I was one of you 100%. I made music because I loved it and for no other reason. And those musicians that were self promoters, that were aggressive with networking and were always looking to sell their records, were the scum of the Earth to me. How could they appreciate music as much as a true artist like me!?

How naive of me.

Here's the real truth. If you love music and you think that music shouldn't be made into a business, then you DON'T have to partake! I very much encourage you to get a job and do music on the side. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that option and you will be much happier for it. It's honestly what I've done (even though my company is in the music business) and when I do get to play music, it brings true joy to my heart.

But for the musicians that want to do music full-time, you have to lower your judgement on the self-promoters and learn a thing or two from them. You have to start thinking about your time as valuable and as an investment. You have to learn to sell and market and network and lead people and learn social media and how to make a website. You will even find 60-70 % of your time as a full-time musician/artist has nothing to do with music at all.

Your passion alone will not pay your rent.

Being a musician and being in the music business are two COMPLETELY separate things.

There is no bad option here but you do eventually have to pick one!