The Value of a Song.

This is the big debate. The oldsters love to argue this. And it makes no sense.

A song is ONLY worth what somebody will pay for it. 
 Spotify pays out nearly 70% of their revenue to rights holders. What more do you want from them?

It's not a Spotify problem I tell you. It's a label problem. They are taking an unhealthy percentage and leaving you with nothing, and the writers with even less of the pie. The songwriters are for sure getting the short end of the stick here.

Here's the deal about value. Values shift and we have to ride in front of the train, or get left behind.

My Opinion: The future of the music industry is in creating value where it didn't exist before and using technology to collect the data and the money.

EX: 5 years ago, churches didn't even consider licensing music for their videos. Most just stole Jeremy Camp songs. Now, thousands are signing up for services like Soundstripe and others. And because labels and publishers are so greedy and 'value' their songs accordingly, they missed the boat to license Jeremy Camp songs to hundreds of churches for cheap, missing out on thousands! So indie artists and composers have swooped in on this market and are dominating.

Your music might be able to make money in thousands of different places on the internet. But precious and confusing BMI and others are not collecting on MOST of those revenues! It's just crazy to me! Money just sitting there for you!

Google doesn't charge you for search, or email, or youtube, or maps. They get you hooked and that becomes valuable. VERY valuable.

Music and technology have to become friends and work together or we will have a lot of talented artists and writers without jobs and NOBODY wants that. We need you!