The Boss Card

Hopes and dreams and maybes are not businesses! 
If you want to become a successful artist and you are clowning around, trying to meet big wigs that will give you the golden ticket, a record deal, a licensing contract on some new Netflix show , an opening spot for Coldplay, STOP IT! JUST STOP!
There has NOT been one person, one meeting, or one event that has made Soundstripe happen. It's all about the daily hustle and we are still very much in that grind. 
If you want to do this, get out there and make fans/customers. Treat them right. Sell them something. Pay gas money to the next location and do it again. Make a website. Get in the dirt with YOUR thing instead of hoping somebody can make it happen for you one day. Because when you do get proactive with your business, big wig's will eventually flock and want a piece. Then YOU can be holding the boss card.