Simple things are hard.

Hard things are easy and simple things are very hard.
Musically speaking, it is easy to shred. It is easy to hide behind your technical fireworks and wow people. It takes practice working your finger agility and bam, you got it. It is fairly easy to sing crazy runs and lilts. 
It is hard however to play, write, or sing something so simple and remarkable that everybody will remember it forever. 
(John Williams took weeks to work out his two note Jaws theme)
It is easy to start a business and sell products. It is hard however to brand yourself so simply that everybody understands what you're all about with no hesitation. (Apple vs Microsoft)
We all hate going to restaurants with 300 items on the menu. They don't have an identity. Most foodies would rather see 10 amazing menu options that would completely wreck their food pallets.
Don't be deceived by the things that look hard and don't discount the complexity of the simple. 
Let's wow people by making it so simple a child could understand. It's harder than you think.