He who is living in the present is lost in the future.


Radio: You are already dead. Only people that listen are middle aged, the younger generation all on streaming and digital platforms. There is already talk from car companies saying they will stop putting FM radios in new models a couple years from now. If you don't embrace the change, you will be long gone. Just like some of the artists and record companies that refuse to let go of the once radio gold mine. Just give it time.

Record Companies: Speaking of, many of you are starting to get on the train. Warner, Universal and Sony–have quietly muscled out stakes of the hottest digital entertainment startups, including 10% to 20%, collectively, of the established streaming services, such as Spotify and Rdio. Warner Music now owns 5% stake in Soundcloud, and Jay Z and his crew of huge stars also pulled together 56 million to invest in Tidal. Spotify will go public soon and the labels will be sitting pretty. Surprised?

Artists: The biggest thing I can say to you is to learn how YOUR business works and to not depend solely on the ABOVE entities for success. Many can help you find your way but they will not run YOUR career. Put a good team of people around you and make a cash flow business. Today is all about many revenue systems, exactly what the labels are doing.

Songwriters: This is the question mark for me honestly. Songwriters keep this industry going and they, if not artists themselves, are often left out to dry. If publishers and big writers can't innovate in this area, working with the master rights owners and digital platforms, there will be a massive shift in the industry in the next few years. And screaming no streaming is not an option!