Trust & Attention

With all the noise in the world, with all the people shouting in your face, 1000's of advertisements hitting your eyes everyday, why do you think people are not interested in your record or your thing?
We've become numb from too many new artists without enough talent and personality to succeed and we rarely care about a new artist anymore. Give us more of what we know and what we like instead.

There's a way around this however and I don't mean 'out marketing' your way to stardom. Ultimately you will be found out and the marketing will fail.

It's all about TRUST and ATTENTION.

We can strip naked and lay in the street for attention but that won't give us trust. Trust is earned through giving, through investing in people, and through being the first to act. Once you receive the very rare commodity called trust, you in turn will receive attention.

Instagram models rarely gain trust because it's all about them. In turn, their attention slowly withers.

Bob Dylan first gave a new generation a voice in the 1960's. He gave them a reason for believing in a cause and they loved him for it. That's why we all know about him.