Selling Out.

"Artists are supposed to make money when they come up with other things to sell, and use their music to sell it.” - Will.

A little secret about the music industry is that in ALL of recorded music history, only a few acts have actually made tons from the records themselves. In history, music has always been the means in which to get people hooked, so they can then buy a phonograph, radios, CD players, iPods, Beats headphones, and whatever they are going to come up with next. 
It’s really all about the hardware.

The music is the springboard that sells other stuff.

Dr Dre- Beats
Jimmy Buffet- Margaritaville restaurants
Toby Keith- Toby Keith’s I love this bar, Ford sponsorship. 
Phish- 10 or so WILDLY successful festivals. 
Newsong- Winterjam tour
Mercy Me- Rockin' Worship Road Show tour
George Strait- Wranger shirts
Jay Z- 40/40 Club, Tidal, etc.
Celine Deon- Las Vegas show.

And ON and ON.

Listening to music is free these days. Or $10/month. 
But that honestly was NEVER your problem.

Go and sell out venues. 
Get a great sponsorship.
Sell Jewelry.
Create a festival. 

You have to leverage your music to make money in other areas.

Does this sound like selling out? 
Doesn’t to me. Just sounds like smart business.

And unless you are jamming on your back porch, you ARE a business.