Releasing Part 2


Just look at software and games. When a game came out, you would go to Walmart and buy the CD and then you wouldn't hear from them for another 2 years while they quietly worked on an updated version. NOW, companies release updates every other day.

This is happening in almost every field yet WHY are all my musician friends releasing records every 1-3 years!?!?!?

You are like an old software company, releasing a record, trying to draw up a big national buzz for 5 months, then going back to your cave to write another record, not to be heard from for another year.

You are trying to draw a national buzz from organizations that no longer work. The system for promotion doesn't exist like it once did. Mass media is done and speed is king.

People want an ONGOING relationship with you and your work. They want to see the process and the journey. They want to hear what you wrote that morning. They want and need a relationship.

Quit trying think about things in mass scale. If you win over 1,000 true followers that constantly hear from you, you will never have to work another job again!