Top Down or Bottom Up.

You can build your things two ways:
1. Top Down. 
2. Bottom Up.

Top Down: It's all about connections and money. Go for the richest and most connected person and siphon their contacts. Get in label meetings, find investors, find a team of smart people and let them do their jobs. They will put you through the system.

Pros: Things can happen much quicker. You are surrounded by professionals. Much more about strategy than action. It is a lot of work but If you win, you win big.

Cons: You give up control and a lot of equity. You end up more like other people and companies than you might think. You can lose sight of what really matters AKA: Your audience/followers. If you lose, you end up with nothing.

Bottom Up: Start small. Start cheap. It's more about building a tribe than making industry connections. Make a fan, one fan at a time. Buy a van and put 300,000 miles on it. Make mistakes, own them, and evolve. Build a team of that believe in the vision more than the paycheck.

Pros: You own everything. You have time to learn and grow. You end up building an audience that follows you through the tough times. Once you prove yourself, industry people usually come a runnin'.

Cons: You have to do EVERYTHING at first and the road is LONG and hard. It is not sexy and it often ends up a failure.

PS: The more clear you are about which one you are going to do, the easier it will be on yourself and your team. Lean into your strengths and don't let people tell you what you should do. They aren't the one in the hot seat. You are!