Hiring a Part-time Personal Assistant 

As the company me and some friends started a couple years ago grows bigger and busier, there are more and more balls to juggle, and some of the balls are starting to hit the ground. It may seem, one can not do it all...

That's why I am currently looking for a part-time Assistant to help me be more efficient and effective with my time, so that I may focus on what I'm great at, and therefore be a more effective leader for the company and a better friend in my community. 

About the Job: 

Looking for a Part-time Assistant (starting 5-8 hours per week). This job is for somebody that likes to get their hands dirty. A go getter. An extremely detailed person. And somebody that loves being around the music business. This job will also be a mix of Executive Administrative duties and Personal Assisting duties. This may change as things get busier.

Executive Assisting Duties:

  • Meeting and Calendar Management: You will be responsible for corresponding with clients, business relationships, and sometimes Soundstripe staff to schedule meetings.
  • Meeting Notes: Occasionally, I will ask you to listen in on phone calls and meetings to do note taking.
  •  Travel Plans: Research and book travel for me when necessary.
  • Social Media: I have been keeping a blog on Facebook for 2 years now. The plan is to grow this out as time allows. This will be something I will want your help managing.   
  • Note: Most of the executive duties can be done remotely. 

Personal Assisting Duties:

  • Random Errands: (From car registration, groceries, mailing checks, gifts, thank you cards, etc)
  • Managing House contractors: Scheduling House Cleaners, Lawn Service, etc.
  • Occasional House Organization: Sometimes an old closet needs to be cleaned out. lol
  • Occasional Meal Prep  

Skills Needed and Other Requirements: 

  • No job is too small for you. 
  • A high level of organization (including your personal schedule and routines)
  • Great communication skills, a positive attitude, and excellent email etiquette.
  • Natural problem-solving skills: I’ll always want you to reach out to me if you run into problems, but you should have two or three potential solutions to propose before asking for help.
  • Excellent reading and writing skills. 
  • Self-management and initiative.
  • The ability to prioritize tasks appropriately.
  • You must own and know how to operate a computer, understand email systems, and own a mobile device that allows for communication outside of the home whenever necessary.
  • An ideal candidate will have experience with and/or the following software (or comparable) available for use: Email, Google Docs,Skype, and Google Calendar.
  • Keeping a flexible schedule, combined with a sense of urgency – so last minute schedule changes are handled appropriately.
  • You must have the initiative to work with little instruction and minimal supervision – the ideal candidates will be highly motivated and be able to plan their work effectively.
  • You must be discreet with high moral principles, as you may be privy to information that cannot be openly shared.
  • Must be in Nashville area. 
  • Must have your own car. 

Other Skills That Would be Rad but not Required:

  • Graphic Design knowledge.
  • A college degree is not required, but it’s a bonus.
  • Knowledge or experience with internet marketing. 
  • Experience with event planning.


  • Starting at $15-20/hour based on experience.   
  • 5-8 hours weekly. This might or might not go up as things evolve.


Think You are a Good Fit? Fill this out! You will hear from me in a rolling order. From there, I will ask for a resume and references. 

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